Its official, you can now file your GST returns directly with the IRD through both Xero and MYOB Essentials cloud-based accounting software.  E-GST will be available in MYOB AccountRight soon. 

So how does this work:

Firstly, you will need to ensure that you have a myIR login with the IRD.  If you do not have this set up, head over to the IRD website and click on the Register link for myIR. 

MYOB Essentials

For a short video on MYOB Essentials eGST, click on the image below. 

Filing your eGST with MYOB Essentials

Click Reports in the MYOB Essentials menu bar and in the Business reports section, click GST Lodgement.

If it's the first time you're lodging your GST return through Essentials, you'll need to enter your login details and click Allow access to allow Essentials to lodge directly to the IRD. 

The GST lodgement page appears.  If you want to continue working with an existing return, click the date listed in the Period end column.  Or, to start a new return, select your criteria from the GST taxable periodPeriod end and Accounting basis drop-down lists at the top of the page. Note that the 6 month GST taxable period option is not yet available. Then click Add return to create the new return. The Goods and services tax return page appears.  In Return details, select your GST return type from the dropdown menu.  Note that if you're working with return type GST103, you need to enter information in fields 24 and 25.


If you need to correct any amounts on the return, click in the fields and type the new amounts.

When you're happy with the return, click Validate to check the figures. You'll need to fix any errors before you can lodge the return.

Once the return is validated and you don't want to make any more changes, click Finalise. The status will display Completed meaning the return is now ready to be lodged with Inland Revenue.

When you're ready to lodge your GST return with Inland Revenue, click File.A pop-up will appear confirming the filing.

Click Confirm, and you'll be take to the IRD website.

Enter your myIR user ID and password.

Click Authorise to complete the filing



Set up for Xero eGST

The next time you view your GST return in Xero you will be asked to select your provisional tax method.  For most clients, this is the "Standard" method however, if you do not pay provisional tax, you can select "No Provisional Tax".  Unfortunately, at this time, if you pay provisional tax using the "Ratio" method, you are unable to file your GST return online through Xero, you can still complete your return in Xero and file it directly with the IRD however. 

Filing your eGST with Xero

Once your set up is complete:

View your GST return and check all the details are correct.

When you are ready to file. click Save and select Save Final.


Click File Now 

Xero will take you to the Inland Revenue login portal.  Enter your myIR login and password.  When you login details have been verified, Xero will upload your GST return details to the Inland Revenue. 

If you have GST to pay, make your payment separately.